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1 Name: Bwah : Mon, 08 Oct 2012 22:52:02 GMT ID:rELIXR0y (Image: 256x224 png, 86 kb) [Del]

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All right, it took some doing but I finally finished the game. Not much in the way of corrections to submit this time, but I did find a few:

S-P-O-I-L-E-R Alert!!

When Myra confronts Oriales, his words jar Myra's memory and she remembers her past. Talking to her friends, she says, "I remembered everything..." Considering that she barely regained her memories, I think it would be more fitting if she said, "I REMEMBER everything..." [without the past tense, thus indicating that she presently/now remembers everything].

2 Name: Bwah : Mon, 08 Oct 2012 22:59:14 GMT ID:rELIXR0y (Image: 256x224 png, 96 kb) [Del]

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This one isn't really a report, more an observation :o) As you can see in the pic, there's a bit of "Engrish" going on there with the words "Image Illustlation". I've seen this on many commercial localizations as well, and it's always struck me as...I don't know, a little odd that it's left that way. It's funny, in a way, so please don't change it :o) (Similar to another report I made about Gulliver and THE LENARDO...I'm glad that was intentional and kept in place, as it is funny to see Gulliver say that).

3 Name: Bwah : Mon, 08 Oct 2012 23:18:17 GMT ID:rELIXR0y (Image: 516x224 png, 42 kb) [Del]

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Finally, here's the last needed correction:

During the ending scene, Dr. Lenardo visits Limitz's grave and says the following, "I'd like to you to be reborn as a friend again..." Should be changed to "I'd like you to be reborn as a friend again..."

So...what's next? I finished the game, but...not decisively, meaning I wasn't able to complete every side quest (Ceres, I'm looking at you and your Green Goo). Also, according to a FAQ I glanced at, it seems that there's a total of 50 Shiny Pebbles scattered throughout the game world, but I only found a total of, roughly, 38. Last but not least, it seems the Mysterious Black Feather is supposed to be given to Unaleph (which I didn't do...what with, you know, it being Mysterious and all, lol). Seriously, this game surprised me with so many unexpected times I was truly lost without a clue as to where I should go, and it's been a loooong time any game has made me feel like that.

In order to ensure I didn't miss any text, I will revert back to an old save file and see if I can pick up from there (at least for Ceres and her Green Goo and Unaleph's Mysterious Feather...I'll probably just start a new game in order to make sure I don't miss any of the Shiny Pebbles (Irene's text bubbles (when she gives Myra the rewards) should be checked also)). Overall, excellent translation, easily on par with any commercial localization. I was amused to find the ROMHack bit as well. Excellent work, gentlemen :o)

4 Name: Bwah : Tue, 09 Oct 2012 07:19:35 GMT ID:rELIXR0y (Image: 776x224 png, 175 kb) [Del]

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After continuing my game from an earlier save (in case I missed (or worse - found and SOLD) the green goo), I was stumped and could not figure out where the heck this item was. I pored over a FAQ and finally found where it is. Funny thing, though, I had already been through that location twice, and both times I just thought it was a nice little graphic detail to break up the monotony (I guess hiding something in plain sight is sometimes very effective, lol).

Anyway, I did notice one small detail I thought I should bring to your attention: Ceres specifically calls it "green goo", yet, when you find it, it's called "Sticky Goo". It also appears as "Sticky Goo" in the inventory. Not that big a deal, as I probably wouldn't have found it without the FAQ anyway, but...wait a minute. Perhaps that is intentional? I seem to recall that one of the first things she asked for was a "Y-shaped piece of metal with a rubber band attached" other words, a Slingshot (which, oddly enough, shows up as a Slingshot in the Inventory :o)

5 Name: Bwah : Tue, 09 Oct 2012 07:32:20 GMT ID:rELIXR0y (Image: 256x224 png, 75 kb) [Del]

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Ok, this is something I noticed the first time I went through the basement/laboratory under Limitz's house. I made a note of it before, but I decided to scrap it then because I felt it wasn't that important. It's still not that important, but I ran into the same text again so I thought I'd ask about it. After commenting on the advanced technology of the building, Dr. Lenardo says, "It looks like there are still many mysteries in the world that we don't yet know the answer to."

Now, I'm far from an expert on grammar, but...since the word "mysteries" in the above sentence is plural, shouldn't the word "answer" be plural as well? It jumped out at me the first time I read it, but I thought I might be looking for an error where none exists. This second time it jumped out at me again, so I figured I'd ask, just in case.

6 Name: Bwah : Tue, 09 Oct 2012 07:47:52 GMT ID:rELIXR0y (Image: 256x224 png, 86 kb) [Del]

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While traversing the Tower of Sand, Star asks, "...How much more is there?!" This is also another thing I noticed the first time I passed this area, so I decided to post it after I ran into it again. While the sentence is understandable, it...sounds a bit strange...I mean, it's obvious Star is basically asking "How many more floors are there?", but it's just one of those things that practically jumped out at me when I first read it. I would suggest changing it to something like this, "...How much FARTHER is it?!" or "...How much FARTHER do we have to go?!"

7 Name: satsu!aCfYpcY.NE : Sun, 28 Oct 2012 11:14:43 GMT ID:vWaSh6QR [Del]

Bugs fixed except for the credits, which won't be a trivial fix.

As for green goo, I don't really remember but I think it was intentional to make it slightly easier to find. The Japanese consistently used "amoeba", which if I remember correctly was found to be a kids' toy made of a stretchy goo-like substance. I'd like to leave this as it is, anyway.

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