1 Name: satsu!aCfYpcY.NE : Fri, 14 Sep 2012 19:06:07 GMT ID:SFrQaHOK [Del]

Everything below the line is from 2005.

The below is a missive I wrote along with the item descriptions I translated for Energy Breaker (slightly edited for clarity). Let it be passed down the generations!


One series of items descriptions were for "moeru otoko no merikensakku", which appeared in the previously-translated descriptions as "Burning man's flour sack".
Somehow, this struck me as a bit odd.

So after confirming they were weapons for Star, I had a look. "Burning man" is what "moeru otoko" literally means, but Star is no human torch -- so I went for "Passionate man" since moeru is also used to describe things like ardent love. Simple enough edit.

Then I was faced with... MERIKENSAKKU. I'd never seen the word in my life, and my electronic dictionary completely failed me. My translator senses tingled with a faint sense of foreboding.
I tried splitting it up into meriken and sakku, leading me down a rather odd path. It gave me "abbreviation for American" and "flour" as definitions for meriken, and "sack (oobukuro), fingertip (yubisakku), stall (yubisakku), sheath (condom), rucksack" as definitions. The Japanese-Japanese dictionary's description for "yubisakku" was some kind of rubber finger covering. The dictionary at wasn't very helpful either. At this point, I was about to pack it in and post a TR on MO's board and leave it as "American hand condom" for now, when I remembered that I hadn't yet checked the Space ALC dictionary at So I loaded up the site and started searching for "meriken", when lo and behold, only one single word came up... "MERIKENSAKKU".

= brass knuckles

Thank you, Space ALC, for saving me from "American hand condom". Screw you, Koujien and Genius J-E dictionaries.

In retrospect, I probably should have looked it up on Google.

2 Name: Anonymous : Sat, 15 Sep 2012 18:39:40 GMT ID:AVwPLHz6 [Del]

I chuckled. I know everyone in one time or another needed a hand condom. I don't think that "A Tale Of A Hand Condom" would be a very thrilling game that would capture much attention.

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